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We use your responses together with others to analyse the information and advise our clients on how to better service you.

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We reward you for participating in surveys that you qualify for. We allow you to accumulate points that can be redeemed for cash mobile money.


MzansiVoice community

Are you keen to share your views and opinions on different topics? Then you are at the right place! The MzansiVoice community is an online community panel built with a keen interest on your voice!

MZANSIVOICE Administration

The MzansiVoice community panel was formed and is administered by African Response. African Response is an independently owned South African Insights company. The company has been in operation since 2003.

We help organizations make better and informed decisions through a deep understanding and appreciation of people, markets, industry, and business dynamics. We offer Research, Insights, and Strategy. We have the flexibility to conduct research anywhere in Africa through a single point of contact in South Africa with offices in Johannesburg.

Reward Pay-Outs

We give you what you desire when it comes to rewarding our respondents! Since July 2020this is how much we’ve paid out in Rand Values.
In R100 vouchers
In R150 vouchers

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Yes, the registration is totally free and voluntary. We will never ask for a joining fee for you to be part of our panel.

Upon completion of the registration and profiling process, you are qualified to start receiving surveys. We will send you an invitation e-mail with a link that will take you straight to the survey. Receiving surveys is completely dependent on the topic of the research and whether you qualify to participate.

In General surveys take between 10 and 15 minutes and occasionally, we might ask you to give us some more of your time. The survey reward is usually connected to the time it takes for the completion of the survey, so keep that in mind when you receive an invitation to participate as this will be communicated in the invite.

You are not allowed to set up or maintain more than ONE MzansiVoice account, and each account must be unique and belong to you. If more than one account is found to be associated with the same individual, we will raise our fraudulent flag on you and proceed with the appropriate actions as per our terms and conditions,

Being part of the MzansiVoice panel is a fun and rewarding journey, you will be rewarded for giving your opinion and have an opportunity to impact products and services delivery in the country.

You can cash for available rewards out as soon as you have accumulated sufficient points – 50 points and rewards will be processed weekly on a weekly basis.

Not at all, the details you give will be used for market research purposes and not to promote or sell any service or product.

An invitation e-mail will be sent to you to participate in surveys and if you log into your MzansiVoice account, you will also see what surveys are available on your dashboard. We advise you to look out for emails regularly, as surveys fill up quickly. Add us to your email safe senders list and make sure to log into your dashboard frequently to see what research activities are available for you.

We are very careful about your privacy. Therefore, we will never disclose your information to anyone not authorized by MzansiVoice. Your information will entirely be used for market research purposes. When you complete surveys, your personal information will never be shared. For more information, read our Privacy Policy here.

After completing a survey, your responses are aggregated together with the other responses we receive. We then examine the information and put it into a report for our client. Insights are delivered in form of percentages and statistics and never on a personal level. Your response and information will completely be used for market research purposes.

We offer cash-mobile money, online shopping vouchers, gift cards, airtimes, movie tickets, sporadic lucky draws, and charity donations.

Participation is completely voluntary and at any moment you have the opportunity to unsubscribe from the community. However, we would hate to lose you because you will miss out on all the rewards and opportunities to have a say that can impact our country.

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Mzansivoice community

We use your responses together with others to analyse the information and advise our clients on how to better service you.

Why MzansiVoice Community?

Participating in our community allows you to accumulate points that you can redeem  for cash mobile money.